Fear on the SS 534 in Cassano Ionio, car catches fire. Passengers unharmed, but traffic haywire


By John

A few tens of meters away they had left State Road 106 and taken State Road 534 when, all of a sudden, their car caught fire.

This happened in the morning in the vicinity of the junction between the state road 534 and the Ionian state road 106 near the Sibari lakes crossroads. The car, probably a Mercedes, pulled up to the junction for the Lattughelle district, in the Municipality of Cassano and continued to catch fire. The agents of the Polstrada of the Rossano and Trebisacce detachments, the Carabinieri and the local Cassano police and, above all, the Rossano firefighters who took steps to put out the flames intervened on the spot.

Fortunately the driver and passengers didn’t have any consequences managing to save even a large part of the luggage but the car was completely destroyed by the fire. Some inconvenience also for vehicular traffic both on the state road 534 and on the state road 106 resolved definitively within a few hours.