Fenapi agriculture Calabria protagonist in Rome for an event on SMEs


By John

The proposals outlined during the last congressional assembly of the National Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises (FeNAPI) materialize in a series of initiatives spread throughout the national territory. “The primary objective of these events is to promote not only entrepreneurial culture, but also to spread a dynamic and digital image of the entrepreneurial activity itself. In particular, the aim is to underline the importance of creating a collaborative network among businesses. It is widely recognized that proper digital asset management and strategic online presence offer Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) the opportunity to expand their visibility not only locally, but also nationally and internationally. This approach allows SMEs to increase their presence on the market, making the most of the potential offered by modern technologies and digital platforms. Consequently, the FeNAPI initiative not only aims to raise awareness of the new frontiers of digital entrepreneurship, but also to provide practical tools and useful knowledge to support businesses in building an effective and competitive digital presence. Through this series of events, we intend to create a context conducive to entrepreneurial development, focused on innovation, collaboration and the sharing of best practices. In this way, it is hoped to generate a positive impact on the national economic fabric, promoting the growth and prosperity of Italian companies in the global context.
“Like Fenapi agriculture, it is natural to extend this strategy to the Italian agri-food sector, where innovation and collaboration are also fundamental. In the agri-food sector, digitalisation and the promotion of entrepreneurial culture are crucial to improve production efficiency, optimize distribution and achieve greater transparency in the supply chain. Furthermore, the creation of collaborative networks can encourage the exchange of knowledge and best practices between producers, processors and distributors, allowing them to respond more quickly and effectively to market needs and consumer expectations”, says regional coordinator Giovanni Magliocchi .
“Recalling the words of our National President Carmelo Satta, there are many actions that FeNAPI carries out on a daily basis to protect and defend SMEs that play a fundamental role in the Italian economy. We have always focused our attention and our trade union action on the 211 thousand SMEs Italian companies which alone represent 41% of the national GDP and which are often forgotten by the various decision makers

SMEs and the challenge of Made in Italy. Opportunities, tools, actions, scheduled for February 7 at Palazzo Wedekind in Rome, “will mark a turning point in the agenda of our entrepreneurial organization in relations with institutions, which is why we will actively participate in the event”, says Magliocchi.

“The meeting organized by FeNAPI represents the first step towards a direct confrontation with the political authorities and the management bodies of financial instruments, including Ismea, Simest, Microcredito and banking institutions. The primary objective of this meeting is not only that to offer a comprehensive overview of the regulations that regulate ‘Made in Italy’, but above all to identify, through an open and constructive dialogue, possible strategies and shared actions. The aim is to promote an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities that characterize the sector , in order to achieve real and effective operations in the international context. This event presents itself as a unique opportunity for associated companies to acquire a global vision of the regulatory dynamics and operational perspectives that define ‘Made in Italy’. collaboration between the business world and public institutions represents a fundamental step towards the development of industrial strategies and policies capable of supporting and strengthening the role of Italian SMEs in the global market. Our presence – adds Magliocchi – wants to underline how this meeting is of particular importance also for the Italian agri-food sector. In fact, ‘Made in Italy’ in the agri-food sector represents not only a cultural and gastronomic heritage, but also an internationally recognized excellence. The synergy between SMEs in the sector and institutions is essential to preserve and enhance Italian food and wine traditions, while promoting high quality standards and sustainable practices”.
The event is expected to include the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Sen. Adolfo Urso.