First he admired him on a poster in the little room, now he beats him: Djokovic's executioner. This is who 20 year old Luca Nardi is


By John

It's been a while – but not that much – since the 20-year-old Luca Nardia professional tennis player, raising his nose upwards, could admire the poster of his idol: Nole Djokovic. A myth, unattainable. Almost like Diego Armando Maradona, the other “strongest ever” for the athlete who will blow out 21 candles on August 6th and who (also) supports Napoli (just as he is crazy about basketball and Lebron James) . As well as for the Serbian cannibal. But that was before… tonight. Because everything has changed a few hours ago. From a few hours that large poster with Nole on display will only become a child's legacy. And perhaps the photo of the colossal feat accomplished by Nardi a will replace it Indian Wells, the very prestigious Master 1000. What, so to speak, should have restored the reputation of being unplayable to Djokovic after the burn of the Australian Open (fatality: against the other blue – and what a blue – Jannik Sinner, who thanks to his compatriot can seriously do the mouth to the number one position in the world). Yes, because Luca Nardi did it very well, beating the leader of the ATP ranking in three sets. It was already clear that he was predestined six years ago when, at the age of 14 or so, he became the youngest tennis player ever to win ATP points. His dream is to participate in Wimbledon and, in time, win a Grand Slam tournament. Well, the road is still long, but in the American night he “got” the third dream: beating that wonderful poster from his bedroom. Only, this time, he was in the flesh.