Waste from the reclamation of Crotone, Barbuto: follow up on commitments and dispose of it outside the region


By John

“The waste from reclamation cannot and must not remain in Crotone and ENI, like it or not, must follow up on the commitment adopted and dispose of it outside the Calabria Region. And instead…. If I said that I was surprised by some news in yesterday's press , I wouldn't say the truth. I had already expressed my thoughts immediately after the convention organized at the Fenimprese headquarters, repeating what I have supported for years in the various parliamentary questions presented during my mandate and on all the occasions in which I had the opportunity to express my free thought. I reiterate it today, once again, launching an appeal to all the citizens of Crotone who care about the fate of our territory. Let's wake up. Let's overcome political and ideological positions and unite to counter this sad epilogue that is served to us for our city by virtue of the love we have for it and for the development we would like it to have in the future. The city is ours and no one else can decide for us.” This was stated by the provincial coordinator of the 5 Star Movement in Crotone Elisabetta Barbuto in an open letter to his fellow Crotone citizens.

“But do you realize that the services conference in which it was decided that the waste should go outside the Calabrian territory dates back to 2019? Do you realize – continued Barbuto – that almost five years have passed and during this period ENI has done nothing if do not try to change the outcome of the services conference and evade its consequences until November 2023 when, by inviting us to a meeting on the former Sasol site, he read his sentence condemning the territory. There are no sites in Italy where to dispose of waste if not in Turin and, coincidentally, in Crotone… Ipse dixit. But where are the results of these investigations? Who certified them? And above all, how were the investigations carried out? Everything remains shrouded in the deepest mystery. Nonetheless, you are not satisfied with how we have always been treated by these gentlemen, like a flock of sheep we should happily line up to go to the slaughter.i also announces, with the sound of fanfare, the modification of the PAUR to allow the perfect crime to be committed with great satisfaction only of those who will save money in disposal and reclamation operations and of those who will instead earn, and not a little, from the reception of waste and in general from this operation. The same satisfaction that we citizens of Crotone certainly cannot say we feel at the thought that the poisons will move just a few kilometers south, stopping in Columbra. Without prejudice to the fact that ENI's mysterious investigations could always lead to an increase in the capacity of the Crotone landfill which should accommodate the waste. In fact, we already know today that the landfill is not sufficient and nothing prevents us from predicting that its capacity will be increased to accommodate them in full. You know… one change leads to another…. And let's leave it to (divine?) providence! And health? Just chatter about the Sentieri report. And in the meantime the city is slowly but surely becoming depopulated and filled with dangerous waste from all over the world and now, just to level the playing field, also with that from the reclamation. What a sad record!”

“When will we learn – Barbuto asked – that we alone are arbiters and architects of the destiny of our city, of our territory, of our children and of future generations and that we cannot, out of laziness or sloth, entrust to others the decisions that do they concern us and abdicate the right to decide about our lives? Let us learn to read the events of the past to understand the future and the steps to take. But wasn't it only in November that the commissioner structure confirmed that the waste would go outside the region and today it fears decrees to speed up everything foreseen and planned by ENI from the beginning? Some accidents along the way, some visionaries who throw tantrums, some romantics who persist in wanting to see a different and better future for the city, but now everything should return to the path traced for this sad epilogue with the acquiescence of more than a few champions environment that has long since buried the spear and the bellicosity of times gone by. I don't agree and I don't think it's too much to ask of you, my fellow citizens. Let's make our voice heard. All united and compact, this time not to dance or cheer, but for a noble cause which is to safeguard our health and that of our children. I ask – concluded Barbuto – a burst of pride for our city and a redemption from all the oppression suffered over the years and a single, common and firm front, to say NO to the false reclamation that they are serving us. We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to our children.”