First the chase, then the collision between the police car and that of a suspect in Catanzaro: two officers in hospital


By John

30-day prognosis for two officers injured last night during the pursuit of a suspect. The facts happened in the Santa Maria district of Catanzaro. The Flying Squad patrol had launched itself in pursuit of a car that had not stopped when the police stopped. The criminal's escape ended with a violent impact between the cars. The man was arrested, while the two officers were transported to hospital. For both, doctors found trauma and wounds with a prognosis of thirty days.

Fiorita: “The city is grateful to you”

Mayor Nicola Fiorita expressed his appreciation and closeness to the policemen who, yesterday, were protagonists of two distinct operations: the rescue of a man who risked drowning and the arrest of the person who escaped a police check steering wheels.

“The city is grateful to these state servants who, every day, spend themselves to guarantee every aspect of citizens' safety – said the mayor. Theirs is a very difficult task and is often carried out in silence and discretion, until episodes like yesterday's make it manifest in the eyes of public opinion. The latter, however, must always keep in mind that behind the security and tranquility of life there is a daily and incessant commitment. We administrators – concluded Fiorita – know well that we can count on the active contribution of the police and therefore, dutifully, we extend our heartfelt and non-formal thanks to them for what they do”.

Rocco Morelli (Fsp Police): “We don't want to talk about 'heroes' but about professionals to be protected as they protect”
“After 24 hours we find ourselves applauding our colleagues from the Flying Squad, Upg and Sp, of the Catanzaro Police Headquarters and giving our unfailing and necessary solidarity.” This is the immediate comment from Rocco Morelli, Provincial General Secretary of the FSP State Police Union of Catanzaro, after yet another episode in the regional capital where policemen continue to be “victims” carrying out their profession to protect the community.

“They are two sides of the same coin, of a job that changes and follows events. And they are not always happy events. Last night – continues Rocco Morelli – the colleagues of the Flying Squad, in the performance of their duty, were injured after a known criminal was chased. The colleagues were given a 30-day prognosis for their injuries. The problems remain the same and those who are on the front lines are still paying the consequences. the safety of others. We don't deliberately write “risk” because we took the risk into account the day we put on the uniform for the first time. We write about making ourselves available we are always there, we are there, but where are the other parts of the state, peripheral and central? We don't want orphans and widows, or even heroes. We want – concludes the Provincial General Secretary of the FSP State Police – to find someone capable of protecting us when around us we find the void in which every rule of civil life falls.”