Reggio, at Palazzo San Giorgio we take stock of the changes in the executive phase of the bike lane and cycle path projects


By John

The Council Room of Palazzo San Giorgio, headquarters of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, hosted an in-depth focus, in the presence of the technicians and managers of the sectors involved, on the progress of the work on the bike lanes and cycle paths in the municipal area.

The mayor was present at the meeting Giuseppe Falcomatàwith the councilors Franco Constantine And Anna Briantethe managers Bruno Doldo And Carmen Stracuzzaand the person responsible for programming and monitoring of the Pnrr Peter Battaglia.

During the meeting, also with the aid of project maps showing the paths identified for the development of sustainable mobility systems, the changes made by the technicians on the project documents which implement the indications already expressed by the Administration were examined, to be implemented in the executive phase in order to overcome, intervention by intervention, the critical issues encountered.

A political-technical comparison that served to outline the routes crossed in a more effective and more suitable way to protect the safety of users of spaces intended for alternative mobility and to safeguard urban decorum and vehicular transit flows, in particular in areas affected by schools or other sensitive places.

During the meeting, the managers of the sectors involved therefore represented the changes that will be made according to the guidelines received from the Administration. Corrective measures which will now be officially transmitted and implemented during the implementation phase, streamlining the overall system of alternative mobility interventions currently being planned or already being implemented.