Football: 2030 World Cup in 3 countries and on 3 continents: Morocco-Spain-Portugal and inauguration in South America


By John

The FIFA executive committee unanimously approved the Morocco-Spain-Portugal dossier as a unique candidacy to host the 2030 Football World Cup: the announcement of World Football Federation it arrived after the agreement between the African, European and South American confederations.

It was also agreed that, being the centenary edition from the inaugural one in 1930 in Uruguaythere will be a celebratory ceremony at Montevideo and three matches, the inaugural ones of theUruguayin Centenàrio stadium in Montevideo where it all began, ofArgentina he was born in Paraguay they will be played on the other side of the ocean, in their respective countries. The official assignment will arrive in 2024, once the technical requirements have been completed, but the way is paved for a World Cup widespread.

There Spainleader of this unique candidacy, will return to organize a football world cup 48 years after ‘world‘of 1982 won by’Italy Of Bearzot And Paolo Rossi. In recent weeks the Superior Sports Council of Madrid had reassured her FIFA that the case Rubialesthe president of Iberian Football Federation kicked out for stealing a kiss from one of his players, would not have jeopardized the organization of the event.

For the Spain an investment of 1,430 million is expected, between 750 for investments in infrastructure and the other 680 for organizational expenses. This is a first for the Portugalwhich hosted the European Championships 2004and the second time for theAfrica after South Africa in 2010. Among the stadiums safe to host matches are the Bernabeu in MadridThe Camp Nou in Barcelona and the Cartuja in Seville for the SpainThe from Luz and theAlvalade in Lisbon And Or Dragao in Porto for the Portugal. Six cities, Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier, Agadir, Marrakech And Fezthe matches in will instead be contained Morocco.

«In a divided world, the soccer unites”, commented the president of the FIFA, Gianni Infantino, observing how this edition will involve six nations from three different continents. «Two continents – Africa and Europe – united not only in a celebration of football, but also in providing a unique social and cultural cohesion. What a great message of peace, tolerance and inclusion,” he noted Infantino. “A historic fact,” applauded the president of the South American confederation (Conmebol), Alejandro Dominguez, “there are many reasons to celebrate and above all to thank those who made this proposal possible.” «It will always be the best world championship», assured the president of the Uruguayan Federation, Ignacio Alonso.