Forestry, law 15 workers move to Green Calabria


By John

With the favorable vote of the Chamber, it closes an ordeal for hundreds of workers and a new page opens for Calabrian forestation. With the yes of the Regional Councilthe bill was approved – signatories the councilors Comito, Crinò, De Nisi, Gallo, Gelardi, Graziano and Neri – through which the aim is to guarantee employment stability for operators who will become employed by theCalabria Verde company.

“This is an important measure, in many ways historic”, stated the regional councilor for Agriculture Gianluca Gallo, who in addition to being among the proponents of the initiative also illustrated its contents before the regional Parliament. “Thanks to the determination and foresight of President Occhiuto, together with his colleague delegate for work, Giovanni Calabrese, and with the support of the entire council – added Gallo – in the constructive discussion with the unions and also with the opposition forces in the Chamber we are managed to reach a goal that seemed unattainable, moreover without burdening regional finances”.

Specifically, thanks to the newly adopted law, at unchanged costs for the Region’s coffers, it will be possible to transfer workers falling within the catchment area to the employ of Calabria Verde, with fixed-term contracts. Law 15/2008approximately 514 units currently employed in some Calabrian municipalities and at the Pollino National Park Authority and to now be allocated to carrying out executive forestry construction activities, actively fighting forest fires and combating hydrogeological instability.

“Atavistic injustices are remedied – finally highlighted councilor Gallo –, employment solutions are offered, the great heritage of Calabrian forestry is protected: a virtuous model to be replicated to guarantee social justice and sustainable development”.