Bergamini case, the family consultant is not convinced that he was killed. The footballer’s sister: “You sold Denis”


By John

A twist today during the trial which is trying to shed light on the case of Denis Bergamini. The Cosenza Calcio footballer died on 18 November 1989 in Roseto Capo Spulico, in the Cosentino area. In the dock is his ex-girlfriend Isabella Internò. Today it was made known that Professor Pierantonio Ricci – consultant appointed by the Bergamini family – is not convinced that the tests carried out on Denis’ body demonstrate that the young man was killed. Ricci had been appointed as a medical-legal consultant by the Bergamini family and took part in further investigations that were carried out on the footballer’s body in 2017. The family’s lawyer, Fabio Anselmo, announced that he had reported on behalf of the Bergamini family Ricci for unfaithful patronage. Internò’s lawyers, Rossana Cribari and Angelo Pugliese, reiterated the need to listen to Professor Ricci in the courtroom. The Court retreated to chambers and decided to hear the medical-legal consultant directly at the hearing. In fact, the hearing continued throughout the afternoon and Ricci was heard as a qualified witness. Donata Bergamini, Denis’ sister, expressed her disappointment with a post published on Facebook: “Thank you prof. Ricci. You represented and helped us get to the truth and in the end you sold Denis because you didn’t have the spotlight in the trial for which we didn’t call you because there was no need.”