Former policeman believed to be close to the “Barcelona clan”, the confiscation of assets worth one million from Sebastiano Puliafito is triggered


By John

Mega confiscation against an alleged member of the “Barcelona clan”. The financiers of the Provincial Command of Messina have executed a confiscation decree issued by the Court of Messina – Prevention Measures Section, at the request of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Prosecutor’s Office, relating to corporate, movable and real estate assets, for an estimated value of approximately one million of euros, attributable to Sebastiano Puliafito, former member of the Penitentiary and former manager of well-known nightclubs in Milazzobelieved to be part of the mafia association called the “Barcelona clan”, a direct offshoot of the Sicilian “Cosa Nostra”.

The previous conviction

The person affected by the provision, following the investigations of the “Dinastia” operation, was also sentenced in second degree for mafia-style criminal association and criminal association aimed at drug trafficking. The sentence still needs to be examined by the Court of Cassation.

Disproportionate availability

On the basis of the economic-financial insights conducted by the Compagnia della Guardia di Finanza of Milazzo, in synergy with the specialists of the Gico of Messina, the availability of assets (and leasing contracts) was recognized to be disproportionate to the declared incomes.

The confiscation

During the course of the activity, two company buildings were confiscated, including the related assets, active in the sector of “rental of vehicles and equipment for construction work” and a property, in the Municipality of Milazzo, as well as 8 vehicles and 3 financial relationships, for a total estimated value of approximately one million euros.

The operation demonstrates the constant commitment of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Messina, of the Prevention Measures Section of the local Court, as well as of the Financial Police of Messina, aimed at identifying the illicitly accumulated wealth, to return it to the honest community, using all the institutions legal provisions for property aggression provided for by the advanced national anti-mafia legislation.