From Tortora to Amantea, the sea threatens the railway


By John

The new high speed route from Praia to Paola could contribute to a new season of development of the coastal coast. However, the conditional remains mandatory. Even if the administrators of the middle and lower Tyrrhenian Sea of ​​Cosenza are moderately confident that new funds will be necessary as those available are barely sufficient for the construction of the lot that goes from Buonabitacolo to Praia a Mare. But further south of the city on the border of Basilicata everything remains a mystery.
For this reason, in recent days it was first of all the regional councilor of the Democratic Party, Franco Iacucci, who kept the attention on the coast high on what should be the administrators’ requests to receive precise clarifications from RFI. To date nothing has been decided and apart from a draft project which gives a glimpse of this new route (from Praia to Paola) just inside the current one there are several issues to be resolved. Today’s route is marked in several places by the sea and precise guarantees are needed on its future. What will happen to the current railway route?
The critical points on the coast due to the proximity of the railway to the coast are in particular in Fuscaldo and Paola. In these municipalities the sea has advanced dangerously towards the railway track in recent years. And on two occasions it was necessary to suspend the movement of trains.