Forza Italia enraged with Report (Rai3): an attack with open polls


By John

«The behavior of Report which tries to influence and direct the vote while the polls are open in Monza, Foggia, Trentino and Alto Adige, with denigrating reports towards Forza Italia based on abnormal news and unfounded reconstructions is unheard of» . This was declared by Senator Roberto Rosso, leader of Forza Italia in the Rai Parliamentary Supervisory Commission. «On Wednesday at the meeting of the Bureau of the Rai Parliamentary Supervisory Commission, in my capacity as Group Leader of Forza Italia in the Commission, I will ask for a hearing of those responsible for the broadcast and of all the Rai managers who have to do with the in-depth analysis and with this delicate sector of public radio and television service. Report is used by its authors as a sort of cudgel against those they consider political adversaries. A well-known conduct. It is even more serious that all this is happening while a large number of citizens are called to vote from the north to the south of Italy. A very serious conduct that we do not tolerate and which we ask the Bureau to take care of on Wednesday’s surveillance to request immediate hearings on this matter.”

The reactions

«The outcry of some exponents of Forza Italia for tonight’s episode of Report appears completely out of place and above all without any foundation. The by-elections in Monza – which according to what we understand were used as an excuse to block tonight’s episode – cannot be used as an excuse for the application of the law on equal conditions, given the small number of those entitled compared to the national total, and they know it very well. The company is doing well to ensure the broadcast of Sigfrido Ranucci’s broadcast without giving any follow-up to the Forza Italia protests.” This was declared by the representatives of the 5 Star Movement in the Rai supervisory commission.
«It is not really clear what the reason behind their complaints is, other than that of a poorly concealed intimidation towards a program that has explored aspects linked to the story of Silvio Berlusconi’s legacy which evidently some do not like to be talked about» , add the Five Star Movement.