France: The game of alliances begins. Leftists and Macronians determined to contain the far right


By John

The far right of the National Rally Of Marine Le Penled by the young Jordan Bardellawins in France in the first round of legislative elections and could come to power for the first time in Fifth Republic. The official results of the Ministry of the Interior: with the 33.1% of the votesThe National Rally (RN) and his allies are ahead of the left-wing coalition assembled in New Popular Front (NFP)who got the 28% of the consensus. Further back, on the third step of the podium, there is the deployment of the president Emmanuel Macronwhich stopped at 20%.

THE Republicans (right)who have not entered into an alliance with the RN for this call to the polls, they stood at 10%. After the result of the first round RN it is already certain of 37 seatsL’NFP Of 32the presidential camp of 2. Macron has chosen to return to the polls three weeks after the vote for the European elections, which certified the advance of the right, with the early dissolution of theNational Assembly just two years after his previous election. Given the importance of what was at stake, the electoral round was characterized by a strong increase in turnout, which reached 66.7%. Now in the progressive camp the game of renunciations has begun to favor the candidates most capable of defeating the extreme right, with the combination of the left and the Macronians seeking an agreement for a possible majority of broad understandings. In fact, to be elected in the first round of the French legislative elections, a candidate must obtain an absolute majority of valid votes.

All candidates who have obtained at least the 12.5% ​​of the votes of the members to the lists of the college, with the possibility of triangular run-offs. The second round is scheduled for next Sunday, July, but the final reconfiguration of theAssembly will depend a lot on the dynamics that will occur this week between possible withdrawals and voting indications in each constituency. “I intend to be a prime minister of cohabitation, respectful of the Constitution and the office of the President of the Republic, but without compromising on the policies that we will implement in the service of France,” he announces Bardella immediately after the vote. In case of an absolute majority for the Lepenistes at theAssembly at the end of the second round the leader of the far right will be “the prime minister of all French people”. More clear The Pen who spoke of a “Macronist bloc practically wiped out” after the first round. The right-wing leader has already snatched her re-election in the first round.

“In front of National Rallythe time has come for a broad, clearly democratic and republican demonstration for the second round”, the commentary on the vote by Macron immediately after the polls closed. The president welcomed the “large turnout” which “testifies to the importance of this vote for all our compatriots and the desire to clarify the political situation”. Among his candidates who came in third, the Foreign Minister has already announced that they will forgo the second round Marie Guevenoux and the undersecretary Sabrina Agresti Roubachcalling for a vote against the RN. Gabriel Attal has suspended the implementation of the controversial reform of unemployment insurance, which was to be the subject of a decree to be published on July 1. The prime minister “has decided this evening to suspend the implementation of the reform of unemployment insurance, including the publication of the decree,” a source said. This reform will thus be able to “be the subject of adjustments and discussions among the republican forces. This is the first act of Attal in the spirit of the future majorities of projects and ideas that he mentioned this evening.”

To avoid a legal vacuum, since the current rules on unemployment insurance were only valid until today, a “joint decree” will be published to extend them. The unions are calling for a rein in the far right. Faced with the “danger” that the RN go to power, Marylise Leonleader of the CFDTwarned against any “political calculation”, while Sophie Binetleader of the CGTappealed to the “responsibility” of all French people. The New Popular Front achieved an important result, but to try to compete for the match with RN in a week he has to work on the different visions within the left-wing cartel that brings together the France Unsubdued Of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Socialist Party, greens, Communists and other minor forces. The socialist secretary Olivier Faure warns: “I hear many leaders of the Macronian camp speaking without giving clear voting instructions. Their words are too confusing. It is up to them to launch a clear call for mobilization and for the Republic.” A very long week begins, with the leader of theElisha called to play his last cards to stay in the saddle permanently.