Vibo, Romeo focuses on a “super technician”


By John

The inauguration of the new mayor is expected for the beginning of next week. A handover that undoubtedly represents the start of a new phase. Immediately after, Enzo Romeo will have to start working to arrive, within a few weeks, probably by mid-July, at the formation of the new executive. Peculiar profiles, indications from the parties, prominent personalities, experts in specific sectors are all possible options for the new head of the administration who is currently reflecting and obviously keeping quiet, waiting to start the consultations. Well, the first issue to address is without a doubt the one related to the budget. In this sense, the mayor has already taken stock of the situation with managers and technicians of the “Luigi Razza” building, to take note of the state of the art, beyond what is already known to the community. And although the shame of the bankruptcy has been temporarily removed, with the adhesion to the multi-year revolving fund, the accounting sector undoubtedly represents an area on which to keep the spotlight on. For this reason, one could veer in the direction of a “super technician”, with unsuspected qualities and above the parties. Budget aside, other sectors are also under observation, and several among those elected. From Public Works to Social Policies, passing through Trade and the Port, what are the arrows in the bow of the mayor? Undoubtedly, on the Welfare front, the re-election of Lorenza Scrugli (Centro Studi Progetto Vibo) could be a significant starting point. And among those elected, it is not excluded that at least two of the Democratic Party councilors could enter the council. Three names are up for grabs: Stefano Soriano, Antonio Iannello and Laura Pugliese. He will not be in the government team, however, Francesco Colelli, current city secretary, who became a city councilor. As for the Presidency of the Council, it will be necessary to understand well what criteria to identify for the possible election. Many roads would lead to Mark Talarico but the conditional is more than obligatory in this case. A different criterion could also be chosen, linked to the preferences obtained. In that case, if he does not enter the council, it would be more than probable that Stefano Soriano, already leader of the Democratic Party and with an experience of two terms behind him, would be chosen. Finally, as regards the deputy mayor, the game is open between the two main forces that supported the mayor. It could be the prerogative of the Liberamente Progressisti group of Lo Schiavo, or alternatively, of the Movimento Cinquestelle.