Francesco Pio Otranto, a young man originally from Rossano, didn’t make it. Run over in Florence outside a nightclub


By John

A fun evening spent with friends turned into tragedy. Francesco Pio Otranto, 26 years old resident in the Bolognese area but with clear Calabrian origins (the family is from Rossano) lost his life after being the victim of a dramatic accident: he was in fact hit while leaving a nightclub in Florence. The incident occurred at dawn last Sunday, November 12, and the young man was immediately transported under code red to the Careggi hospital in Florence. He fought between life and death for a few days, but in the end his heart stopped beating. From what we learn, it was a 50-year-old worker who hit him and immediately stopped to help the young man. His position is currently being examined by investigators.

The condolences of friends

Among the numerous messages on social media to remember the young man, a friend wrote: “How sad, I will miss him, we will miss you very much. You will leave a void inside us, especially when we will dance and you will not be able to be there physically. But you will dance up and down you will tell us: How beautiful we were. A piece of our heart is gone. Rest in peace angel”.