Catanzaro Servizi, “air” of extension

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By John

Many fronts open for Catanzaro Servizi, all with a single purpose: the relaunch of the investee company. The central point, at least in this phase, seems to be that of the new contract which will have to establish the services that the subsidiary will carry out on behalf of the Municipality. By November 30, Palazzo De Nobili should define the new agreement in which to also include new skills of economic relevance, aimed at giving new life to the company. But right in the corridors of the Municipality we are starting to talk about a possible further extension of the current contract. According to what has been leaked, it could be a purely technical extension, therefore short-lived and probably aimed at examining some aspects in greater depth, perhaps also in light of the half-yearly report made in recent weeks by the sole director Gianluca Silipo.
From that document it is clear that Catanzaro Servizi, beyond the burden of debts, intends to choose the path to recovery, in agreement with the municipal administration led by the mayor Nicola Fiorita. The mayor, moreover, personally follows the affairs of the investee companies, having kept the delegation to himself. Contacts between the offices in via Jannoni and via Indipendenza are therefore constant.