Francica flies on the wings of enthusiasm. Mister Anello’s team aims to win the championship


By John

A championship so far with many facts and few words. The season can be summarized like this Francica, a team from Vibo, militant in the Third Category. The president’s company Francesco Ancora is serious and is determined to move up the category and with a young but high-quality coach Giovanni Anello, Francica believes in the goal. After the latest victory on the Cessaniti pitch, the team is currently first and aims to continue at this pace to try to keep the bar high.

The management

Francesco Ancora (president)
Cristian Scalzone (vice president)
Alberto Mazzeo (treasurer)
Fortunato Calabrese (secretary)
Giuseppe Monteleone (manager)
Gennaro Lacquaniti (manager)
Mario Ancora (manager)
Domenico Matera (manager)
Gianfranco Liguori (manager)
Pasquale Sammarco (manager)
Francesco Maccarone (manager)

The squad (coach Giovanni Anello)

Lacquaniti Gennaro, Mondella Domenico, Longo Michele, Mondella Giuseppe, Mazzarella Nicola Francesco, Gasparro Lorenzo, Mirabello Alberto, Mirabello Edoardo, Mondella Francesco, Capomolla Francesco, Potiti Tonino, Raso Pasquale, Stagno Roberto, Maccarone Francesco, Chiarello Dario, Fiorillo Luca, Petrolo Antonio, Colloca Salvatore, Papatolo Antonio, Muzzi’ Francesco, Mondella Domenico (88), Greco Salvatore, Liguori Alex, Mondella Domenico Ryan, Labate Antonio Emanuel, Mondella Antonio, Amato Michelangelo.