From a drug dealing square to a green area, the Guarna district of Reggio is struggling to be reborn


By John

It was a disturbing open-air drug dealing square, one of the main drug crossroads in southern Reggio, and will become an equipped green park. The area in which the ancient Guarna and Caridi districts fell is destined for a new urban life: precisely those ruins submerged in the bush where the gang of pushers operated, framed by the “Sbarre” raid, decimated by 18 convictions for having done business with the sale of cheap cocaine and marijuana, will be transformed into an oasis of sociality, between public greenery and rides for the neighborhood children. The municipal administration’s project has already started as indicated by the signs of the company that won the contract and the construction site fence. A project that bodes well for the development of the Sbarre district, but which immediately appears to have stalled. There is no bureaucratic mystery behind this sudden stop, but it is a social issue that is not easy to resolve: among the remains of the ancient buildings, six families had found shelter and residence. Four of these have benefited from accommodation, the last two have not yet: they resist, continuing to live there. For this reason, the company in charge had to freeze the start of the works, inevitably making the expected completion and delivery date unachievable: February 2024.