Fuscaldo, here is the construction site that will lead to the birth of the new and modern Itis


By John

With the start of the preparatory works for the demolition of the now old structure of the Itis “Fermi” in Fuscaldo, the construction site has officially taken shape which will lead to the construction of the new higher education institute, which is among the flagships of the Cosenza Tyrrhenian Sea and of the entire province of Cosenza.
The work, financed with funds from the Ministry of Education and Research, will host ten classrooms, three laboratories, two special multipurpose classrooms and common spaces available to the school community.

“The new Itis will, in fact, be an innovative, modern school complex, with NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Consumption) energy impact, an automatic air exchange and humidity control system and a 30 kWp photovoltaic system” – they underline, with satisfaction , the mayor Giacomo Middea and the councilor for public works Ernesto Bianco, who continue: “A fair recognition for the commitment made must be given to the Province of Cosenza, in the person of the president Rosaria Succurro and to the competent offices and to the school building sector. It was not easy to overcome the impasse and the slowness of the bureaucratic machine, but we succeeded and we welcome the start of the work, which is the most important step, which will lead us to having an even more educational, modern and efficient high school ”.