Messina, goodbye to the telephone booths in Piazza Cairoli: an era now over. But how many memories!


By John

In the heart of Piazza Cairoli, the iconic presence of telephone booths has ceased to exist. These symbols of a bygone era, silent witnesses of decades of communication, were removed this morning from the mountain side. Telephone booths, which were once the only means of communication outside the home, have seen their use decline over the years, with the advent of mobile phones. However, for many, even when the cell phone was still a luxury item, these booths represented a vital point of contact with the outside world.

During the dismantling phases, numerous passers-by relived memories linked to the telephone booths, remembering when they relied on the classic token, coins or card to make an urgent call or simply to reach their loved ones. Today, as the urban landscape continues to evolve, the farewell to the telephone booths in Piazza Cairoli marks the end of an era. Although it may seem like a simple act of modernization, for many it represents the loss of a piece of history, of a time when communication had a tangible and concrete form. With the advancement of technology, telephone booths have given way to new means of communication, but their memory will remain intact in the memory of those who have used them over the years.