Gambarie, 67, breaks his ankle on the Scoiattolo trail. Alpine Rescue intervention


By John

A team of technicians from Aspromonte Alpine Station of the Calabria Alpine and Speleological Rescuealready present in the area for the “Emergency” service – an activity that ensures supervision in Gambarie d’Aspromonte (RC) with the presence of rescue technicians, vehicles and equipment and timely intervention, in the event of an emergency call, in any mountainous and inaccessible area of ​​the Aspromonte National Park – has intervened for the recovery of a 67-year-old Lombard hiker. The woman was walking, together with her husband, the “Squirrel Trail” near Gambarie d’Aspromonte and, falling from her, she was injured causing a suspected fracture to her right ankle.

The activation of the geolocation procedure by sending an SMS Locator, sent by the Turin Operations Center of the Alpine and Speleological Rescue, allowed the technicians of the Aspromonte Alpine Station to promptly identify and reach the woman. The 67-year-old, after being stabilized, was transported around the square of Gambarie where the 118 ambulance of Sant’Eufemia was waiting for her.