War in Ukraine, Bellingcat’s indiscretion: “Prigozhin will soon die or there will be a new coup”


By John

Christo Grozevhead of investigations into Russia For Bellingcata site of journalistic investigations, has released scenarios for what concerns the political and strategic future with respect to the war in Russia and Ukraine.

According to Grozev, within six months something will happen in the tug of war between Prigozhin and Putin. He told the Financial Times stressing that either Prigozhin will die or there will be a second coup attempt.

“In the event of a coup, it will be better coordinated than the one in June. I am agnostic between the two possibilities, but I firmly believe that one of the two will happen. Not even the Russian elite is in favor of war in Ukraine – added Grozev – but so far not has taken no open action against Putin”.

Gozev also stressed that the purpose of his journalistic battles is to disprove that Russian governance is doomed to collapse. Currently, Grozev is investigating so-called “sleeping spies,” agents who live in enemy states until they receive orders from Moscow to act.

He was forced out of Vienna after threats from Russia and moved to the United States.