Gambarie, uninhabited farmhouse on fire. In Reggio, vegetation fire in the Loggia district, near the town centre


By John

Fire brigade teams from the Reggio Calabria Command have been busy since around 5.30 pm in the municipality of Gambarie due to a fire in a farmhouse.
The two-storey building above ground, with a wooden and brick roof, was currently uninhabited.
The flames affected various types of furniture and furnishings. Teams from the headquarters, the Villa San Giovanni detachment and the Gambarie volunteer detachment are on site with the support of Autobotte for water supply and Autoscala.
No injuries to people were reported. Investigations are underway regarding the origin of the fire. At the moment, no hypothesis is excluded.

At the same time a vast vegetation fire affected c.da Loggia, San Giovanni district, in the municipality of Reggio Calabria near the town centre. Teams from the Melito headquarters and detachment are on site.

Interventions still underway.