Garbage fire in the Roma camp of Lamezia, a problem that has remained unresolved


By John

The umpteenth fire that took place two days ago in Scordovillo once again raises the problem of the Roma camp and above all its “staying” next to the “John Paul II” hospital. The strong acrid smell that spreads when the Roma set fire to the waste in Scordovillo ends up directly in the hospital. Not only in the wards and common areas, but also in the operating theatres, to the point that on several occasions it was necessary to close the rooms precisely because the air had become unbreathable. In fact, when the Roma (or the “Italians”) burn waste or brushwood outside to clean up gardens, the smoke is channeled into the air ducts of the hospital, ending up directly in the wards and also in the operating theatres, thus creating many inconveniences only to the patients but also to the healthcare personnel present in the hospital.
The umpteenth fire, which took place in the middle of summer, demonstrates how the institutions and the state have still not been able to solve a now ten-year-old problem. All the municipal administrations that have followed one another over the years have always promised to solve, among the first problems, precisely that of the Roma camp, with its dismantling. The latest in chronological order was Mayor Mascaro who had promised to dismantle the slum in a few months. To that promise was added that of the deputy of the Lega Domenico Furgiuele, who had also announced huge funds from the ministry to reclaim the entire area. But to date nothing has been done.