Nino D’Angelo, the eternal boy who loves Calabria: double stage between Cirella di Diamante and Corigliano Rossano


By John

Feeling, commitment and desire to meet again at the basis of two concerts of the standard bearer of the Neapolitan song of yesterday and today, which returns in Calabria with the new summer tour of the latest album «Il Poeta che non sa parla», with a stop today at the Teatro dei Ruderi in Cirella in Diamond and tomorrow at the Maria De Rosis Amphitheater in Corigliano-Rossano. Nino D’Angeloeternal boy with a simple soul, will re-propose to fans of the South the hits of the 80s such as “Nu jeans e ‘na shirt” and “Popcorn and chips”, but also “Without jacket and tie” and “Jesce sole”, until to the songs from the latest album, released in 2021 for Di.Elle.O and Believe.
«This concert entered my heart because immediately after Covid it represented a liberation from fear – he tells us – with a truly spectacular audience participation. I think at a certain point in your career it’s not about your skill or what you’ve written anymore, because people just love you; and I was lucky enough to be loved as a man too. The public has understood that I am a real person and I believe in what I say.
And this sincerity emerges precisely in the songs of the album, born during the lockdown, which represents your sentimental but also committed soul. We talk about politics and racism. Are the themes addressed in the disc still current?
«In my opinion very current. Since I wrote “Voglio parlà sulo d’ammore” many things have changed. Covid has brought out many problems, such as health care. Furthermore, when in a region like Calabria many people die in the middle of the sea and no one saves them, it means that a racist thought persists, which however does not affect the Calabrians themselves. So the pieces on this disc are very advanced, as was another piece of mine from a few years ago, “Italia Bella”, in which I spoke of this Italy with the politicians at war with each other, and of us as a people who are a bet and we come out losers.
The Calabrian stages represent a new landing in the South. What is your link with Calabria?
“Visceral. I also had two entrepreneurs from this land, including Danilo Mancuso (from Lamezia Terme, manager of the Ricchi e Poveri, ed) who made me love a splendid region, with a beautiful sea; but, like the whole South, victim of prejudices due to a minority that ruins its image. The real Calabrians, on the other hand, are decent people, workers, and I feel part of the South as if it were a single region».
The tour will then resume in September, making a stopover from 28 to 30 in Switzerland. And in November you will sing in Belgium and Germany. What welcome do you expect from Italians abroad?
«Nowadays families come to my concerts, even the children of emigrants, all my fans because their parents loved me and grew up with my songs. There are also Calabrians, there are many in countries like Australia, the USA and France. When they tell me I’m going to sing abroad, I answer that I’m going to find people who are part of my life and whom I love, with an affection that has been reciprocated for 50 years».
The tour of “The Poet Who Can’t Talk” is produced by Di.Elle.O and distributed by Stefano Francioni Produzioni, with the Calabrian dates curated by the Crotonese Gf Entertainment and the Anni 60 Produzioni bell.