Gaza, negotiations with all parties resumed in Cairo. Israel: “Plan presented for a year of war in the Strip”


By John

Negotiations for the ceasefire in Gaza and the exchange between Israeli hostages and Palestinian detainees have resumed in Cairo. A high-level source told Egyptian state broadcaster Al Qahera. “Negotiations will resume in the presence of all parties,” said the source close to the dossier.

«We will not deceive public opinion: even after we take care of Rafah, there will be terrorism. Hamas will move north and reorganize.” Military spokesman Daniel Hagari said this to the Yedioth Ahronot newspaper, adding that the IDF has “presented a plan to the government for fighting in Gaza which should last a year”. “Gaza – he underlined – is perhaps one of the most difficult theaters in the world: overcrowded and full of tunnels.” “We are facing difficult years and we will have to explain this both internally and externally.” Hagari then said that the IDF took responsibility for the “failure” of October 7.