Lamezia Airport: from negative numbers to workers “forced into silence”


By John

What is causing discussion is not only the negative data recorded in the first quarter of the year at Lamezia Terme airport – especially compared to the positive ones of Crotone and, above all, Reggio Calabria – but also the situation of the workers on duty at the international airport . The back-and-forth in recent days over the numbers – “very partial” according to the mayor Paolo Mascaro, worrying due to the lack of weight of Lamezia in the opinion of its political opponents – it could in fact also extend to other aspects of management by Sacal which promise to be no less controversial. From the accusations regarding the fact that Lamezia, in the last decade, has “counted zero in the management of the airport”, the municipal councilor Rosario Piccioni it also focuses attention on the numerous workers and operators of the various commercial activities of the airport who – comments the exponent of “Lamezia Bene Comune” – “have been experiencing a situation of great difficulty for months now with a very heavy contraction in sales”.
In particular, the finger is pointed at the President of the Region Roberto Occhiuto and the administrator Sacal Mario Franchini, forget «the situation of the Sacal workers forced by the management into a militaristic regime of silence so as not to “disturb the operator” and to a climate of great tension with advance notices of dismissal and disciplinary proceedings on the agenda which are creating an irreconcilable atmosphere with carrying out work activities”. Indeed, Piccioni reports, it would have happened «that 2 workers were forced to withdraw the union card they had recently signed». Not to mention the “questionable selection procedure for the new Sales Director which, due to its timing and characteristics, suggests something tailor-made for someone”.
The thrust, therefore, on the “holding” of the Sacal management for the Lamezia airport and on the responsibilities of Lamezia: «The Mascaro administration doesn't say a word! Are these the results of the membership of the mayor, the deputy mayor, a councilor and several majority councilors in Forza Italia? then asks Piccioni who, commenting on the data of recent weeks, rejects the accusations of useless alarmism and easy parochialism, «as a Calabrian I am the first to rejoice and be happy in seeing that the airports of Reggio Calabria and Crotone are growing and developing, I welcome a policy that makes the whole of Calabria “take off”, but I cannot tolerate that the main airport of Calabria, which Presidential Decree 201/2015 has included among the 12 Italian airports of particular strategic importance, has been mistreated in recent years and neglected”.