GDP and employment are slowing. Daily wealth, Calabria down


By John

How is Calabria seen by the Calabrians? Those born here know well that this is the land of the great void where everything is missing, even hope. That historical fracture that separates the two Italys has never healed. The North is alive, it is rich and continues to keep pace with Europe. The South, however, is no longer growing. In fact, it continues to sink. This is confirmed by the GDP estimates which point to a suffering in the South, overtaken by many other depressed areas of the rest of the European Union. Poverty is rampant, above all, in Calabria, also because here the work equation offers solutions that are not compatible with social well-being.
The trace of limited well-being is clearly visible in the study just published by the CGIA of Mestre referring to the daily gross domestic product per single inhabitant referring to 2024. The impression is that the regional production system does not work due to a disparity in the means made available by the State. otherwise it would not be possible to explain how a Calabrian must be satisfied with a daily GDP of 57.9 euros (a figure which places the region on the last step of the national ranking) while an inhabitant of Trentino (after all, it is always Italy) can enjoy daily 146 euros of wealth produced. The national average is 99 euros per day, almost double what can be expressed in these latitudes. Every day, Calabria produces, overall, 106 million euros of gross domestic product which, conventionally, is measured through the sum of final goods and services generated in a given period of time, both by regional companies and by extra-regional companies operating in Calabria. Overall, the region is attributed an annual GDP of 39 billion euros, a value that exceeds only that of the Aosta Valley, Basilicata, Molise and Abruzzo.