Giallorossa zone for Catanzaro – Brescia (play off): provisions on traffic, roads, shuttles from Lido and Sant'Elia


By John

Here are the provisions for the match valid for the play offs between Catanzaro and Brescia scheduled for Saturday 18 May 2024 at 8.30 pm.
The municipal administration reminds you that the yellow-red zone will be active with the usual traffic plan and the possibility of using parking and public transport to reach the Ceravolo Stadium. The provisions will start three hours before the start of the match, with the aim of guaranteeing easy access and flow of fans and regular circulation in the affected area.
This was remembered by the president of the First Commission Gregorio Buccolieriwhich highlights how the two large parking areas, Sant'Antonio and Musofalo, are usable, with the new terminus in via Schiavi.
There will be 500 places available for the Sant'Antonio car park. The AMC will take care of the return transport service at a cost of €1.50 per person. The shuttles will start transport at 6.30pm.
For Musofalo, usual parking and shuttle service with ordinary rate to the area near the stadium. At the end of the meeting, the return to the car parks will be guaranteed from the collection point in via Schiavi, thus facilitating the outflow of cars and pedestrians.
Furthermore, inside the car park of the R. Dulbecco University Hospital in via Cortese, out of the 200 total spaces available, 20 will be reserved as usual for vehicles authorized to transport disabled people. Furthermore, on the occasion of the match on Saturday 18 May 2024, the AMC transport service is expanded. In the Lido district, near the Teti area, shuttles will be available at 6.30 pm which – with an intermediate stop at the railway station – will take you directly to the Ceravolo stadium.
Also on the occasion of the “May of Art”, the cultural event organized by the Administration with other artistic realities of the city, at 6.00 pm and 6.45 pm, shuttles will take the fans to the stadium from the Sant'Elia district of Pentone.
On the return, both for Lido and Sant'Elia, the shuttles will be available approximately 30 minutes after the end of the match.

Furthermore, the local police informs that from 5.30 pm there will be a ban on parking with a removal zone on the following roads: Viale Pio X – Via Giovanni XXIII intersection area; Via Giovanni XXIII; Via Madonna Dei Cieli (taken from Coni to Telecom); Crossroad area Via Madonna Dei Cieli – Via Monsignor Fiorentini; Via Monsignor Fiorentini; Piazzale Campo Scuola; Via Paglia (tract from Cemetery to Stadium); Via Mottola D'amato (initial stretch for 100 metres); Via Schiavi (section from the park entrance to the ring road). We trust in the collaboration of citizens.
Furthermore, the mayor Nicola Fiorita, in view of the meeting on Saturday 18 May 2024, has ordered with his own ordinance that the urban cemetery in via Francesco Paglia be closed early at 5pm, as well as the commercial activities in the square adjacent to it cemetery structure.