School network Let's get excited, in Rende the inaugural day of the Science and Sustainable Development Week


By John

The opening ceremony of the week of scientific culture and sustainable development promoted by the “Emozioniamoci” school network began last Wednesday, May 15, at the “Giovanni Paolo II” Palaculture in Rende (CS).
The presentation day, opened by the greetings of the promoters Brunella Baratta, director of the “G. da Fiore” Rende, Rosita Paradiso, manager of the Brutium scientific technical center of Cosenza, Gemma Faraco, manager of the comprehensive “E. Bianco” by Montalto Uffugo and Giovanna Giulia Bergantin, president of the National Association of Electrical Women of Cosenza, highlighted and focused on the program of the complex training and research course organized with L'UNICAL.
Interesting indications came from the highly qualified interventions of Prof. Giuseppe Scaglione of the University of Trento (The beauty of slowness: meridian landscapes between memory and project), Prof. Alfredo Garro of the University of Calabria (Artificial intelligence: present and future scenarios between science and science fiction), by professor Ines Crispini of the University of Calabria (The ethical challenges of new technologies) and by prof. Riccardo Barberi of the University of Calabria (Calabria and the birth of science). Everyone took stock of the latest developments in research and methodologies of the topics covered. The meeting, moderated by Prof Carlo De Giacomo of the Brutium scientific technical center in Cosenza, aroused the interest and participation of the students present who formulated questions and requests for clarification from the speakers.

The calendar of activities, put together by an ad hoc working group, is richer than ever and ranges from educational and research seminars to workshops for children at Unical, to “observatory” activities on the natural and urban landscape curated and coordinated by prof Enrico Lucchetta for the IC. Bianco di Montalto Uffugo, Carlo De Giacomo for the Brutium scientific technical center and Mino Vocaturo for the G. da Fiore classical dance high school in Rende. A marathon to face the challenges of the contemporary world through the tools of scientific research which will involve students of the Liceo Classico “G. da Fiore” of Rende, of the Polo Brutium of Cosenza and of the “E. Bianco” of Montalto Uffugo and which aims to activate an “Observatory on the city and landscape for the recognition of identity values”. The Observatory, whose full operation will require adequate joint reflection between the partners called to be part of it in the future (Universities, interested bodies and bodies and associations first and foremost), could carry out numerous coordination and study functions, without however jeopardizing the skills of both in matters of direction, planning and programming and daily management of the landscape. The city seen as a permanent laboratory where to gain experience, acquire information, hypothesize intervention actions to understand and improve the existing situation and the quality of life. The planned objective is to critically recognize the signs of the landscape in order to then trace the causes that determined it and the effects that derive from it: we will therefore achieve a greater awareness of the influence of the environment that surrounds us on our physiological life and psychic as well as on our ethical values.

The activities will continue in the next few days with the teaching and research laboratories at the University of Calabria to conclude on May 22nd with a final plenary meeting in the Aula Magna of Unical in the presence of Professor Annamaria Canino, Rector's delegate for training of the teachers, professors Roberto Beneduci of the Physics department and Francesco Scarcello, vice-rector with responsibility for teaching