Giorgetti on pensions: “No reform holds up with this birth rate”. And on the manoeuvre: “It will not be possible to do everything”


By John

«We as a government are approaching the budget law, it will be a complicated budget law, all of them are. We are called – because we do politics – to decide priorities: it will not be possible to do everything, we will certainly have to intervene in favor of medium-low incomes, but we will also have to use the resources available to promote growth. This is the address.’ She said it Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti in video link with the Rimini Meeting. “The theme of the falling birth rate, which I brought up a few months ago and which I intend to re-propose, is fundamental: there is no social security reform or measure that holds up in the medium and long term with the birth rate numbers we see today in this country”.

“Today more than ever – continued Giorgetti – we are called, and the government’s responsibility in this sense is maximum and the commitment as well, as far as this blessed Pnrr is concerned, we have these resources, which cannot be wasted and which must be used the best way possible. There is simply no punctual respect, no hurry, but doing well. If hurrying means hurting, it’s better to do well but evaluate situations carefully, because it’s a unique opportunity».