Giorgia Meloni and the end-of-year press conference: yet another postponement due to health problems


By John

Giorgia Meloni still doesn’t feel well. For the second time, the prime minister’s end-of-year press conference was canceled as she has been struggling with health problems for about ten days now., basically since after the rally with which Atreju closed on Sunday 17 December. The announcement of the new flat rate came on the eve of the long-awaited appointment with the parliamentary press, which had already been postponed to the 21st and now risks being postponed until after the Epiphany, when Parliament’s work will resume. While waiting for official communications, according to the few rumors that are filtering out it is a “resurgence of the flu”.

The press conference will not be held due to “persistence of indisposition”, explained the National Order of Journalists, which together with the Parliamentary Press Association is “waiting for indications from the Presidency of the Council for the new date”. It will very unlikely be by the end of the year. And Meloni will not even participate in the last Council of Ministers in 2023. There is silence among Melonians and his staff. Nausea and other annoying symptoms, according to the little information circulating in government circles, are also affecting the leader of FdI, who already ten days ago from the stage of her party’s event said she had “some voice problems”, and in the 70s minutes into the speech she had taken off her jacket so as not to “die of the heat”. The day after her participation in the Quarta Repubblica broadcast was cancelled, due to “a slight indisposition”.

Then on the 19th a note from Palazzo Chigi announced that due to “a state of flu” he would not have presided over the control room on the Pnrr, the Council of Ministers and would not have participated in the conference of ambassadors. On the morning of the 20th, her prime minister went to the Christmas school play organized by her daughter Ginevra’s primary school, where she left before the end of the day because she felt unwell. She tested negative for Covid, but that day due to a “persistent state of flu” she skipped the exchange of greetings at the Quirinale and rescheduled the end-of-year press conference scheduled for the following day.

«It’s been a week in which my body has forced me to rest, as you can see I’m much better and therefore I hope to get back to work as early as tomorrow», he said on the 22nd, speaking via video link to the employees of Palazzo Chigi in the usual greeting ceremony, adding that in any case the conditions made the 24-hour trip to Lebanon inadvisable. So on the eve of Christmas he expressed his best wishes to the Italian contingents employed abroad via video link from the headquarters of the Joint Forces Operational Command of Centocelle. Then she spent Christmas Eve in Milan and Christmas in Rome, sending social greetings accompanied by a photo of her hugging her daughter. After the Boxing Day of rest she was expected at Palazzo Chigi, but her health conditions did not allow itand it is not yet clear how many days she may need to recover.