Giorgia Meloni at the Vox event: “They told us we weren't up to par, today I'm prime minister”


By John

June 8 and 9 will be “decisive elections”: «a change in Europe is possible if European conservatives are united. We are the engine of the renaissance of our continent». Thus Giorgia Meloni speaking via video link with the Vox event in Madrid. “For the first time,” she added, “the outcome of the European elections could mark the end of unnatural and counterproductive majorities.”

Meloni: “They said the right was not up to par, today I am prime minister”

«Dear Santiago, my friend. We started our common path in the European Parliament in 2019. And since then, our political paths have always been very similar. From the first moment they tried to despise us. They tried to isolate us. They tried to divide us. And they ended up strengthening us.” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who is also president of Ecr, said this in a video link with the Vox convention in Madrid. «They said we wouldn't be up to it. That we wanted to destroy Europe. They said we would never become credible enough to count, to be decisive. And while they enjoyed their reassuring certainties, we – underlined the Prime Minister – worked and gained ground, credibility, space. And here we are. Continuing together.” «Today Fratelli d'Italia is the first Italian party and I have the honor of serving my nation as head of government. And even if some have not yet resigned themselves, and others wonder how it could have happened, I am the first Prime Minister of the right in the history of the Italian Republic, and I am even a woman. Meanwhile Vox has become the third largest party in Spain. A solid and well-rooted party on the national territory. A match that has a great future ahead and which will be decisive in changing both Madrid and Brussels.”

Le Pen: “There are points in common with Meloni”

With Giorgia Meloni “there are points in common”. This is how the leader of the Rassemblement National Marine Le Pen responds to Italian journalists on the sidelines of the Vox event in Madrid. «It's not a question of people but of freedom – she then adds – Meloni and Salvini», her ally in the ID group in the European Parliament, have «freedom at heart. There is no doubt that there are convergences for the freedom of the peoples living in Europe.”