Great Catanzaro Project, look to the south of the territory


By John

A city that goes beyond its borders, embracing an area that for too long does not seem to have considered Catanzaro as a point of reference except for those bureaucratic-institutional steps linked to the function of regional capital. In this case we are talking about shared identity, as far as possible, but above all about shared projects, especially in terms of development. In the message with which the mayor Nicola Fiorita applauded Badolato for the second place obtained in the “Il borgo dei borghi” competition. It encapsulates that idea of ​​Greater Catanzaro that the mayor is trying to pursue by involving neighboring municipalities but also looking at the entire province.
Of course, there is a project to unite the municipalities with the nearest centers at stake, but the idea of ​​the Greater Catanzaro proposed by Fiorita does not appear to be merely functional, reflecting on a territory with many potentials which have yet to be systematised, from the mountain to the sea. «Our territory, that of the province of Catanzaro, – underlines the mayor – is very rich in historical, landscape and environmental jewels. AND the city of Catanzaro – he adds – if it really wants to become “Great”, it must look beyond its borders and contribute to creating a tourism system, in this case on the Ionian belt, capable of generating development and employment. From our Giovino, passing through the seafront that we are “welding”, to then connect to Roccelletta, Squillace, Copanello and then further south. We must improve a lot and have the ability to lead this process.”