Shocking video, ear cut off of an alleged Moscow terrorist. Fake or atrocious reality?


By John

A video of a few seconds published on social media and relaunched by the Telegram channels of the independent Russian media Meduza and the Belarusian site Nexta shows what is presented as the arrest of one of the suspects in the terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow. In the shocking footage, one of the soldiers cuts off the man's right ear and forces him to eat it.

The authenticity of the video, as well as its connection with the arrests for the massacre in Moscow, cannot be independently verified at this time. Meduza writes that the short video was spread by Russian Telegram channels: «The 24-second recording shows a man in camouflage clothing holding the arrested man on the ground, then pointing a knife to his right ear and cutting off a piece. Then the officer tries several times to put the severed piece of ear into the mouth of the suspected terrorist, after which he hits him in the face.”