“Gualtieri lies to cover the disasters on the waste system”. Carmelo Versace replies to Commissioner Arrical: “he hides his responsibilities”


By John

“Sorry to see it, but the Commissioner Arrical, Bruno Gualtierievidently has neither the intellectual honesty nor the necessary decision-making autonomy to try to govern and solve a problem that has been gripping the Calabrian community for twenty years, the same ones who have seen him engaged on the waste front as an expert chosen by the center-right. He speaks in newspeak and bureaucratese, just to confuse the citizens and find an alibi for his managerial and organizational incapacities. It is, unfortunately, an exercise that does not serve the cause at all which we all hope can be resolved in the shortest possible time”. So in a note the Acting Mayor of the Metropolitan City Carmelo Versace.

The Metropolitan City – continues Versace – before the Region centralized everything with a law approved in a few minutes, had brought order to the disasters that Gualtieri himself also helped to generate in the years in which he worked for the Citadel. Order that had clearly affected the assignment of the systems as well. A job, therefore, which despite the evident and recognized responsibilities of the Region for the management of the plants, had led to a normalization of the service, so much so that no Municipality in the Reggio area had ever suffered particular suffering. Furthermore, since January, in my capacity as acting function of the Metropolitan City, I have signed ordinances that are still awaiting signature by the highest regional body, considering that the ATO is now unique. It is understandable, therefore, to read the misleading statements lacking any logical order that Commissioner Gualtieri has entrusted to all the media at the same time, as if to protect an alleged political relevance. In any case, this doesn’t upset us too much because we know the dynamics behind these silly statements which, we hope, are the result of useless provocations rather than spite against the Municipalities of the Metropolitan City who have harshly contested the setting given to the entire waste compartment system”.

“Rather, it is important to underline the hope that this sort of vassalage over the fate and health of the Calabrians will end – concludes Versace – and that we will immediately arrive at the election of the Arrical bodies to end, once and for all, this useless commissioning which benefits a few and, in particular, the commissioner himself”.