Cirilli: «I satirize bumbling boomers like me». The comedian in Cittanova and Palmi with “Nun te regg più”


By John

Gags, monologues, costume satire, and the great Gigi Proietti as a teacher, to narrate the difficulty of keeping up with the passing of time, in a globalized world, devoted to technological hypertrophy, in “Nun te regg più”, new one man show by Gabriele Cirilli.

Produced by Ma Ga Mat and “La Factory” directed by Valter Lupo, the show by the actor and comedian from Abruzzo stages the imagination of our daily life, contrasting the “as we are” with the “as we were” and restoring the sense of collective bewilderment in the face of a world in which the algorithm seems to have replaced real life. After the national premiere on August 15 in Spoltore (Pescara), the show will arrive in Calabria, today in Cittanova (Reggio Calabria), in Piazza Garibaldifor the last appointment of the Cabaret Fest, and tomorrow at Motta di Palmifor the summer season of the city amphitheater.

The title is significant, from the cult song of the Crotonese Rino Gaetano “Nuntereggae più” (1978).
«It’s a song that I adore – says Cirilli – and when I began to compare the past with the 2.0 era, I felt like saying “Nun te regg più!” in reference to call centres, smartphones and their use, often useless and harmful. I thought it would be nice to talk about it live.”

And how will he address this topic on the show?
“The young people who rightly call me a ‘boomer’ have a skill with social media that I and older people lack. I will underline this difficulty by trying to make people laugh, as the differences in how certain things were done in the past compared to today make them smile. And speaking of live comparisons, there will be a law that will allow condominium meetings to be held again in the presence, rediscovering that healthy desire to argue that the pandemic had taken away. When I was a boy, he always looked forward to going out for pizza on a Saturday night to meet other people. Today the kids at the table are all on their cell phones ».

In “Nun te regg più” he talks about characters and situations in which it is easy to recognize oneself, such as the elderly man who has to juggle Spid and Password and the men and women in the perennial hunt for likes. Nothing and no one is spared…
«During the show I get a like live from the audience to say “you have a mobile phone, at least use it well”. In fact, I highlight the positive and negative sides of smartphones and other technological tools. It must be said, for example, that an older person may not understand an administrator who says “This month we will have the meeting via Skype”, and go looking on the street directory where this via Skype is located. We need to understand who is 100% suitable for using technology and who cannot, facilitating those who have greater difficulties».

The show’s reference to the past is consistent with its artistic search for the new, through the use of the genres of comic theater, updated to today: from monologues to cabaret, passing through gags and the comedy of misunderstandings. Do you have precise points of reference in this sense?
«I like to make people laugh in many ways, especially with the genres of the past, and in my shows I use them all, from the gag to the monologue, up to social and costume satire. The absolute point of reference in this is Gigi Proietti, master and source of artistic and life ambition, who taught me to take all sides of reality, analyze and evaluate them, finding anything comical in life in general. I hope wherever you are, you enjoy the show. When he saw my debut he said that he reflected his teachings, those of an artist at 360 degrees ».