Hamas claims responsibility for the attack in Jerusalem and calls for escalation. Three Israelis killed, a 24-year-old pregnant woman among the victims


By John

Ben Gvir, with today’s attack Hamas violated the truce

Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir said that Hamas’s claim of today’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem, in which three civilians died, means that the ceasefire has been violated. “With one hand Hamas signs the ceasefire, with the other it sends terrorists to kill Jews in Jerusalem,” the minister said, quoted by The Times of Israel. “This is not a ceasefire, but rather a continuation of the concept of containment of terrorist attacks and concessions that led us to kill people, which gives Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, hope that he can get out of this conflict taking over,” he continued, “we must stop making deals with the devil and immediately return to the fight, with rare strength.”

Hamas calls for escalation of resistance against Israel

Hamas calls for “an escalation of resistance” against Israel in the statement with which it claims responsibility for the attack in Jerusalem. “This operation is a natural response to the unprecedented crimes of the occupier in the Gaza Strip and against children in Jenin,” reads the note from the Palestinian Islamic faction.

Attack near the Jordan, ‘Palestinian driver dead’

The Palestinian driver of the car that hit two Israeli soldiers, injuring them today at the Beqaot checkpoint in the Jordan Valley, has died. The Palestinian news agency Maan learned this from local medical sources. Previously the military spokesman had reported that the man had been ‘neutralised’ by military fire. Some Palestinian media identified him as Karem Bani Odeh, who resided in the nearby Palestinian town of Tubas, in the West Bank.

Car hits Israelis in the Jordan Valley, there are injured

A car hit some Israelis in the Beqaot area of ​​the Jordan Valley, injuring some Israelis. The media reports that it could be an attack. The driver, presumably a Palestinian, was ”neutralised”, reported public radio Kan. The army rushed to the scene.

20-year-old pregnant Bedouin stabbed to death in Lod

A pregnant young woman in her 20s was stabbed to death this morning in the Ramot Eshkol neighborhood of Lod, in central Israel, as reported by Ynet. The police began investigations and searches and a few hours later informed of the arrest of two suspects, the woman’s father and brother, who live in the Bedouin diaspora and in Lod. In a video, the stabber is seen attacking the young woman from behind her, while next to her are her 5-year-old son, other children and a woman. From the Shamir-Assaf Harofeh hospital, doctors declared that they had fought for the life of the young woman and the fetus but without success.

Source Egypt, 10 Israeli and 4 Thai hostages in Rafah

The ten Israeli hostages and four Thai workers who were supposed to arrive in Egypt yesterday evening from the Gaza Strip were handed over this morning to Egyptian security and the Red Cross. This was reported by a security source, specifying that they will now be transferred from the Rafah land crossing to the Kerem Shalom crossing, then, by plane, to Israel. The seventh day of truce has already begun and both sides are following the protocols of recent days

One of the hostages kidnapped at the rave party died, he was 27 years old

The family of Ofir Sarfati, kidnapped on October 7 at a rave party in the Negev desert, has been informed that the 27-year-old who was taken to Gaza with serious injuries has died. Ynet reports it. Ofir, an electrical engineering student, was at the Nova festival with his girlfriend Shovel and other friends. For 3 weeks his fate remained unknown, then his relatives learned of the kidnapping. Some videos showed that he had been seriously injured and taken away by terrorists. Today the municipality of Kiryat Ata, where he lived, announced his death. Around 364 young people were killed at the rave party.

Israel, today Hamas releases 8 hostages including women and children

According to Israeli sources, the list of hostages to be released today includes eight people, probably six women and two children. The Israeli media reported this, adding that the bodies of three kidnapped people will also be returned. Efforts to continue the ceasefire and release more hostages continued throughout the night. Hamas initially insisted on the surrender of five live hostages and three bodies, all women and children. A list that Israel opposed because it went against the condition agreed in the original agreement, according to which Hamas would release 10 live hostages every day.