Having arrived in Reggio Calabria, now the circle is truly closed: here is the new “team” from Falcomatà


By John

The agreement for the new municipal council of Reggio Calabria chaired by Giuseppe Falcomatà has been closedwho returned to the role of mayor last October after the Court of Cassation annulled his one-year prison sentence for abuse of office and the consequent suspension from office as a result of the Severino law. NoDuring a press conference the mayor announced the new Executive: Paolo Brunetti was confirmed as deputy mayorof Italia Viva, who was acting mayor during the period in which Falcomatà was absent. The councilors are Carmelo Romeomunicipal councilor of the civic area, and i external technicians Paolo Malara and Elisa Zoccaliboth architects, Franco Constantineengineer, e Marisa Lunucara, historical representative of Confcommercio. The Democratic Party, which had four councilors in the previous executive, is currently out of the agreement and will therefore not have any representative in the new council. In the Democratic Party, however, is the current president of the city council, Vincenzo Marra.