He died after a beating in Corigliano, two other people are under investigation


By John

An autopsy was conducted on the body of Carmine Costa, the greengrocer from Corigliano who last June ended up in intensive care following a violent beating and after an apparent recovery died on 19 September, while two other names appear in the register of suspects. In addition to that of Vincenzo Lagano44 years old, during the investigation the names of Leonardo Campanaaged 58 and Francesco Campana 56 years old, both from Corigliano. Since the autopsy was ordered, which represents an unrepeatable examination, even if the Prosecutor’s Office did not take any formal action against them, the two were notified as their guarantee that they would be investigated if they wanted to appoint their own expert. Medical negligence or consequences related to the beating? These are the questions that are expected to be answered by the results of the autopsy examination. Also because the results of the overall investigations could also lead the Prosecutor’s Office to formulate a charge of voluntary homicide, while at the moment the hypothesized charge is of attempted murder. Following the investigations conducted on the incident by the Carabinieri of the territorial department of Corigliano Rossano, directed by Major Marco Filippi, the Prosecutor of the Castrovillari Prosecutor’s Office, Veronica Rizzaroin charge of the investigations, had issued a detention order for a crime suspect, as mentioned, against Salvatore Lagano, 44 years old, also from Corigliano, defended by the lawyers Giuseppe Vena and Giuseppe Bruno, believed to be the perpetrator of the beating. After days suspended between life and death, Carmine Costa woke up from a coma and began slow rehabilitation in a specialized center. Then the sudden death which led the Castrovillari Public Prosecutor’s Office to order the seizure of the body to proceed with the autopsy.