Reggina in Ragusa does not take advantage of the extra man: a point that is of little use to the Amaranths


By John

Ragusa-Reggina 0-0
Dubrovnik: Freddi 6, Mbaye 6, Manservigi 6, Porcaro 6.5, Brugaletta 6 (12’st Bamba 6), Cess 6.5, Garufi 6, Gigante 6 (12th Di Grazia 6), Manfrellotti 5.5 (27th st Roman), Maltese 5.5, Warrior 5.5. All. Ignoffo 6
Reggina: Martinez 6, Ingegneri 5, Mungo 5.5, Zucco 5.5 (32’st Perri sv), Barillà, Marras (22′ st Ricca sv), Provazza 6. Altamura 5.5 (22′ st Coppola 5.5) Martiner 5.5, Dervishi 5 (40’st Bianco sv), Girasole 6 (31’st Kremenovic sv) All. Trocini 6.
Referee: Battipaglia’s German 5.
Note: approximately 600 spectators with a large guest representation. Corners 5-5 Booked: Garufi, Manfrellotti, Brugaletta, Mungo, Barillà, Girasole. Maltese sent off in the second half. Recovery 2 and 6
RAGUSA. In the fifth home match, Ragusa finds its “Selvaggio” again, albeit with only two stands out of three (the exposed counter-sole and the C) and a very famous opponent that has been missing for a lifetime. The result was a hard-fought match, not bad, always slow in pace, with many errors on one side, on the other and by the referee (perhaps he thought he was directing an English match) and very little emotion.
Both teams, even if for different reasons, needed points, so we really don’t believe that the draw could have been welcomed with satisfaction. Certainly not from the amaranths, who played almost the entire second half with the extra man (Maltese hits Ingegneri with a distant ball, the collaborator calls the referee and the direct red card arrives) and hit the crossbar with Mungo, but who didn’t go beyond moments of (sterile) supremacy. But not even the Sicilians, who held their own throughout the first half, reacted well to the numerical inferiority and came close to winning in added time with an own goal that would go viral.