Healthcare in Sicily, judicial shadows on the new managers. Proceedings underway for 8 out of 18


By John

The first round in the Institutional Affairs commission at Ars ends with a series of tactics that have the practical effect of freeze indefinitely the ratification of the appointments of the 18 public health managers made just three weeks ago by the Schifani government. And once again the political message, not even hidden by parliamentary practices, is that the majority did not defend the choices of the governor and councilors. Indeed, he worked to call everything into question.

Formally the commission only postponed its opinion, which would have closed the process started by Schifani at the end of January. And the postponement was determined by a transversal request for clarification on the requirements and CVs of almost all the managers in pectore.
So the commission asked the government to provide criminal records of all managersthe evaluations received from Agenas, the assessment of the department on the achievement of the objectives (for those coming from similar positions), any commissionerships suffered by the Region for failure to achieve the objectives, the minutes of the examination commission and the report on so that there are two lists from which to draw those eligible for nomination.

While waiting for all this, the timing is blocked and therefore the thirty days within which the commission was required to provide the opinion are frozen. The Ars could therefore keep the government in place for a long time.
Also because as soon as the Region provides the requested data, some “hiccups” will emerge on which those who want to bring down some managers chosen by the government are already betting. For example, already yesterday it emerged informally that at least 8 of the 18 managers chosen by the council have ongoing legal proceedings. As far as we know, only Ferdinando Croce, Salvatore Lucio Ficarra, Giuseppe Giammanco, Maurizio Letterio Lanza, Giuseppe Cucci, Giuseppe Capodieci, Daniela Faraoni, Walter Messina and Catena Di Blasi have declared that they have no ongoing proceedings. But this step will only be clarified in the next few days.