Novaia Gazeta: “Navalny’s body with bruises in a Siberian hospital”


By John

The body of the Russian opponent Alexey Navalny he would be in the morgue of the Siberian district hospital in Salekhard and the autopsy would not have been performed yet. This was reported by Novaya Gazeta Europe quoting a paramedic who serves in Salekhard ambulances.

“They took the body to the morgue and then they put two policemen to guard the entrance” according to the paramedic, who adds that “generally the bodies of people who die in prison are taken directly to the forensic medicine office.” The unusual transfer of Navalny’s body could depend on the fact that «an order had arrived from Moscow to wait for the arrival of specialists from the capital, while others have hypothesized that the hospital doctors themselves refused to perform the autopsy. The case is political and it is not clear how it will evolve”.

The paramedic added that they told him that Navalny’s body shows signs of bruising, but not attributable to blows received. «From my experience as a nurse, I can say that to those who saw them they appeared to be caused by convulsions. If a person is having convulsions and others try to hold them, and the convulsions are very strong, those bruises appear.” They would have told the paramedic that the body of Navalny also has a bruise on his chest, «the kind that could result from a cardiac massage». They would have tried to resuscitate him, but the opponent probably died of cardiac arrest, the causes of which are however unknown.