Here are the challenges that await Catanzaro according to the report by “Mecenate 90”


By John

Every piece, and there are quite a few, will have to fall into place so that the challenge of restoring luster to the regional capital city can be won. What emerged from the report carried out by the “Mecenate 90” association in collaboration with the “Guglielmo Tagliacarne” Chambers of Commerce study center indicates the critical issues identified during the various interviews with the various political, economic and social actors and the objectives put in place to resolve them, highlighting the determination found in carrying them forward. Not a simple scenario. The problems, moreover, have their roots in the last 50 years.
«It is clear how difficult it is to live in a fragmented city, “Catanzaro has been chasing its own identity for a lifetime, it is divided into 44 residential areas”». In fact, the consolidation of the neighborhoods has already been indicated for years as a necessity, given a territory “33 km long, which starts from 500 meters above sea level on the slopes of the Sila with the Sant'Elia neighborhood and reaches up to at sea level, and all this affects travel times.”
As new mobility becomes strategic, in which the main role will be played by the surface metro, whose works, however, have continued well beyond the deadlines established so far, so much so as to lead the Anac to recall the Region (as contracting authority).