Hit and killed at sea in Posillipo, original victim of Taurianova. Killer vessel identified


By John

She was born in Taurianova, in the province of Reggio Calabria, and was the daughter of a couple of emigrants who left from the hamlet of San Martino, Cristina Frazzica, the young researcher who died after being hit while on a kayak in the waters of Posillipo, in Naples. The municipal administration of the center of the Piana di Gioia Tauro announced this, expressing to the family of the thirty-one year old “my heartfelt condolences on behalf of the entire city”.

«The tragedy, which occurred when the girl was on board a kayak which was hit by another vessel which then moved away from the scene of the accident – it is said in a note – has caused dismay throughout Italy and, There is still great apprehension due to the research that is still underway to trace those responsible for the accident. Cristina Frazzica – reports her note – together with her twin sister she was born in the town of Piana, where her mother Angela and father Luigi wanted to return for the happy event, after having settled for work in Voghera ».

«We make ourselves representatives of a very widespread feeling in our community at this time – say the Taurianova administrators – for a tragedy on which we hope that full light will be shed as soon as possible to give truth and justice. Seeing a young life shattered in this terrible way causes a wave of rejection that we want to address by offering the most total solidarity to her family and to those who mourn her at this moment, in Lombardy as in Taurianova itself.”

Meanwhile, the vessel believed to be responsible for the serious accident that cost the life of Cristina Frazzica, 31 years old, who died after being hit last Sunday afternoon while on a kayak together with the lawyer friend in the waters of Posillipo, in Naples. The images of the video surveillance systems of the presidential residence Villa Rosebery, although not clear enough to allow a certain identification, had however provided the dynamics of the event and the investigators of the judicial police and the prosecutor's office worked on this. The identification of who was driving would therefore be a done deal.