Husband and wife decorate 555 Christmas trees! Here’s who the world record couple is


By John

With 555 Christmas trees, Susanne and Thomas Jeromin, a couple from a village in Lower Saxony, Germany, have set a world record. Only a few days ago the staff of the German Record Institute certified the record. For the couple from Rinteln in the Weserbergland, Christmas begins as early as June when they start placing plastic fir trees of various sizes in the various rooms of their 105 square meter house (ground floor, first floor and attic), bedroom and bathroom included.
If for some people the Christmas tree cannot be in the living room before December 24th and is already dismantled on the evening of the Epiphany, for the Jeromin couple the ritual is completely different. There are around 108,000 baubles of various colors on the 555 Christmas trees. The couple also sets up themed trees: for example with stuffed animals and rubber ducks and even with Stars Wars characters. Various objects on the floor, from Santa Claus to actual Christmas packages. The internal staircase is also completely decorated.
The lights are all LED for an energy cost of 89 euros each season. It all started twelve years ago when Thomas, 57, a chef by profession, started collecting Christmas trees as a hobby. His wife Susanne, 56, a geriatric nurse, followed the passion. They say that after the morning shift, from around 3pm until the evening, including weekends, they take care of decorating their little trees. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the winter wonderland was much visited by fellow citizens themselves, a trend that is now picking up again. Thomas and Susanne, however, have set themselves a rule: in the bedroom, at night, the tree lights remain off.