“I wanted to be Barbie.” Ordinary phobias: Davide’s dramatic and touching story told to Palmi


By John

Scheduled this morning in the council chamber, as part of the “Street Book Christmas 2023” review (the reading festival organized by the Municipality of Palmi in collaboration with the Metropolitan City), the presentation of the journalist’s book Domenico Latino “I wanted to be the barbie – Davide’s story and ordinary homophobia”, published by Officine editoriali da Cleto.

The initiative was shared by the Health Guarantor of the Calabria Region, Anna Maria Stanganelliwithin the “Victims of Prejudice” path to urge everyone to do their utmost for the recognition of fundamental human rights and to condemn and intervene in the face of any act of intolerance or discrimination.

The book, enriched by the preface edited by the mass mediaologist Klaus Davi and the publisher’s afterword Marco Marchesetells the story of Davide Sgrò, LGBTIQ+ activist from Catanzaro, hit the headlines after being the victim of a series of acts of hate, culminating in his small car being daubed with homophobic graffiti. In six appointments, the author reveals all the details of Davide’s life, from the happy moments of childhood to the challenges of adulthood. His testimony, dramatic and touching, aims to dispel the most common stereotypes.