Catanzaro, in the urban planning and disputes chamber


By John

Not a simple city council meeting at the end of the year, to be closed within an hour, but a key session, dedicated to a strategic topic for the future of the capital and to an important resolution from a socio-occupational point of view. The PSC’s preliminary document and the Abramo Customer Care dispute will in fact be at the center of today’s meeting, which will begin at midday in the concert hall of Palazzo De Nobili.
In the first case, a long-awaited provision arrives in the Chamber, which in the previous council session had practically stopped at the threshold of the commissions, and then ended up in the archive with the end of that administrative experience. Then the resumption of the political-bureaucratic path (the planning one had however continued) up to the integration of the guidelines and the drafting of the new preliminary, to put on paper a document that also saw the “imprint” of the Fiorita administration, with his ideas of territorial structure and development and an idea of ​​the city developed on urban nuclei, each with peculiar vocations, part of a unitary design.