Ideas competition promoted by the Calabria Film Commission: prizes are awarded to creatives between 18 and 34 years old


By John

The Calabria Region and the Calabria Film Commission announce, in collaboration with Anica Academy ETS, the launch of: “Talented Creativity”, an initiative born with the aim of giving space to young people and creativity, enhancing their talent in scope of a project that pays particular attention to the cultural, linguistic and historical contexts of the Calabrian communities.

Through workshop courses dedicated to writing, production, film making and communication, participants will have the opportunity to carry out their own projects for the territory with the support of the best audiovisual professionals. Their ideas will be presented to a panel of experts and the best one produced within the year.

The program which includes a preparatory laboratory phase for the actual development of an idea from a creative, organisational, communicative and distribution point of view, is free and dedicated exclusively to young people residing in Calabria aged between 18 and the 34 years. The activities will begin to April 2024 and they will be held at the Terina Foundation, Benedict XVI industrial area, Ficarelle, Lamezia Terme.

Project carried out with the contribution of the Department of Youth Policies and the Universal Civil Service and the Calabria Region, in implementation of the Understanding/Agreement No. 101 of 7 October 2010. The deadline for submitting the application for admission is February 29, 2024.

Francesco Rutelli – President of ANICA and Anica Academy ETS: “We are proud of the fruitful collaboration with the Calabria Film Commission Foundation and the Calabria Region, which has given life to a significant training project and is creating new opportunities for young Calabrians who cultivate a passion for cinema and TV. This path enhances particularly their creative abilities and will allow some of them to generate a work that could be the first step in their career. In a world where creativity and innovation are decisive drivers for social and economic development, it is essential give space to young talents, enhancing their skills and ideas for the good of the communities. In this context, a project focused on the development of youth creativity and on the cultural, linguistic and historical riches of the Calabrian communities emerges as a promising opportunity”.


This is a call for ideas, in which the selected students will be asked to develop concepts, the actual creation and development of audiovisual ideas in terms of their communicative, productive and distributive value.

Describing a territory and its identifying characteristics represents one of the main challenges in a world characterized by an overabundance of information and content: making oneself recognizable in an effective and coherent manner is absolutely a prerogative to remain imprinted in the minds of the communication’s reference targets.

To face this challenge, “Talented Creativity” was born. The main objectives are:

• enhance the creativity and talents of young residents in Calabria in order to promote an innovative audiovisual concept of territorial communication

• Acquire an overall vision to be able to work on 360-degree communication campaigns.

• Develop specific skills relating to the different phases of the creative and production process, with the support of qualified professionals in the sector.

• Improve your organizational skills by working in multidisciplinary teams.

• Being able to interact with professional teachers and with a production company for the realization of the project.

• Create networking opportunities and systematization of talents resident in the Calabria region.


The activities will be carried out in person and with mandatory attendance and involve the participation of a maximum of 20 students. You will be able to count on the support of established professionals active in the audiovisual and communications sector. It will consist of a first phase in which all the selected young people will face a short period of common activity on the audiovisual chain and communication. Afterwards, they will be divided into four groups based on the area of ​​expertise identified (writing for the audiovisual, organization for the set, film making, communication and social media) to follow the specific workshop path.

Teams of four people will then be created, each with one representative per professional area. Each group will receive a brief relating to the themes on which they will have to base their “project work” (development of an idea from a creative, organisational, communicative and distribution point of view). To complete this task, each group will also be able to count on the support of a tutor. Subsequently, a Pitching will be held: an event to present the various projects during which a jury made up of qualified professionals in the sector will decide the winning project.

The final phase of the course will be the actual production of the project: the winning group will work actively on the realization of their project with the support of a production company.


A special technical committee, appointed by the Calabria Film Commission and the management of the Anica Academy ETS Foundation, made up of sector experts and training experts, will supervise the teaching plan and select the aspiring participants.

The technical committee:

– Luca Bersaglia (Project Manager Anica Academy ETS)

– Manuela Cacciamani (Founder One More Pictures and President of the ANICA Digital Publishers and Creators Union)

– Sergio Del Prete (Director of Anica Academy ETS)

– Francesca Medolago Albani (General Secretary of ANICA and Anica Academy ETS)

– Nicola Lampugnani (Founder and Creative Partner St.John’s)

– Chiara Giacoletto Papas (Communications & PR Senior Director Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa – Paramount)

There Calabria Film Commission Foundation was established by regional law n.1 of 11 January 2006. The sole member is the Calabria region. The Foundation’s main objectives are the promotion of the regional territory, its valorisation as a location for national and international cinematographic and audiovisual productions and the development of the local audiovisual industrial sector.

Regional law 21 of 21 June 2019 “Regional interventions for the cinema and audiovisual system in Calabria” entrusts the Foundation with the role of implementing body of all measures concerning the regional audiovisual and cinematography sector: typical activities Added to this are the planning of adequate professional training, support for festivals and exhibitions, the protection of cinemas and the valorisation of the regional cinematographic heritage.

The incoming activity of national and international productions consists of the granting of financial contributions, support in the search for local workers and artists, in the search for locations, and in support during the pre-production phases and during filming also through the construction of public-private partnerships with local authorities, public and private entities in the area in order to implement services and facilities for production companies operating in Calabria.

The mission of the Foundation is completed with an intense marketing and communication activity which includes the organization of events, participation in festivals, fairs, markets and sector meetings of a national and international nature. The Calabria Film Commission Foundation is a member of Italian Film Commission and European Film Commission Network.