Tragedy in Naso, he falls in the countryside and hits his head on the ground: a 77-year-old dies


By John

A fall in a country house resulted in tragedy this morning in Naso. A 77 year old pensioner, Gaetano Lanza, a resident of Capo d’Orlando, died following serious head injuries in Cresta, a hamlet of Naso. According to what was reconstructed by the police, he was carrying out work in the countryside when he suddenly fell near the house, hitting his head on the ground. A family member alerted 118 and an ambulance arrived from Capo d’Orlando from the assistance center which loaded the elderly man on board and transported him to the Sant’Agata Militello hospital where, however, he died shortly after the arrival of he. The body was laid out in the mortuary room of the Sant’Agata hospital and will arrive tomorrow in a farewell room in Capo d’Orlando. The funeral has already been set for Sunday (3.30 pm) in the church of Cristo Re, in Capo d’Orlando.